About us

Gistrav Corp as a Composite Corporation work based on Islamic Economics and Business. Promoting ukhuwah as a main foundation in building a sharia business to achieve maslahah. Providing convenience for all employees in developing ideas without limits. Gistrav Corp has several business lines which are the result of creative ideas with Indonesian youth.


Fulfill consumer demand by exceeding expectations with full responsibility through the company’s pillars in achieving common goals


  • Take every opportunity and provide extraordinary opportunities with a representative work environment
  • Always make innovations in every line of business and realize market demand
  • Build relationships with various parties well and strategically
  • Work in accordance with guidelines in religion, state and company
  • Positive, creative, and dynamic in completing work

Core Values

We have to aware in consumer’s evolving lifestyles, so we always set the trends for products and services

Customer Respect
Customer is number one, we believe that the reason of our company could growth well is by customer satisfaction

Discipline is the key to all accuracy and speed. To provide a good service, insyaaAllah we will always be trustful with what the contract at the beginning

Integrity is not simple matter. It is particularly easy for people to lie. Integrity is an emphasis

In order to get the best program and goals, we do constant and earn effort to accomplish what undertaken

We have willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions